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The Mother Nurture Podcast

The Mother Nurture Podcast

Hosted by: Dr. Andrea Rosario

We all know how self-sacrificing moms can be. The Mother Nurture podcast brings cutting edge health and wellness related topics to busy moms that keep them inspired to put their health first, and by doing so, lead...

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Eating Rhythmically For Improved Health

Did you know that eating rhythmically according to the calendar can improve your overall health? Today on The Mother Nurture Podcast, Dr. Rosario talks about the benefits of eating this way and what you should eat...
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Is Your Beverage Harming Your Health?

Dr. Rosario knows it can be challenging to make healthy beverage choices. Your choice of drink, much like food, is often ingrained in your culture, habits, boredom, and flavor preferences. In this episode, she teaches...
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Eating Healthy On A Budget

Eating Healthy on a BudgetShow SummaryToday's episode focuses on ideas to help your family save money while eating more healthy, fresh foods. Dr. Rosario explains how to use big box stores, such as Costco and Sam’s...
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When Exercise Is Not Healthy

In today's podcast, Dr. Rosario teaches about overtraining syndrome and how it can sometimes make exercise more harmful than helpful. She addresses the signs and symptoms and shares various medical conditions that...
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Food Sensitivities and Your Health

Today on The Mother Nurture Podcast, Dr. Rosario addresses food sensitivities and how they can be related to autoimmunity and inflammation. She teaches us about why certain foods can cause inflammation and...
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Understanding Autoimmunity

This week’s on The Mother Nurture Podcast, Dr. Rosario explores autoimmune disease, the diseases associated with autoimmunity and how to live with it, from flare ups to remission. Incredibly, one in 12 women and one...
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Thyroid Health and You

This week on The Mother Nurture Podcast, Dr. Andrea Rosario is talking about thyroid health. Have you felt like something may be off with your thyroid, but your lab results look great? Join Dr. Rosario as she teaches...
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Safe Alternatives To Ibuprofen

Show Summary Ibuprofen. It’s a familiar medicine cabinet staple that’s best to avoid. Dr. Rosario gets personal this week, sharing her recent accident, and what she has used to treat the resulting pain and...
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Histamine and Allergies

Histamine and Allergies Today we’re talking about allergies. Dr. Rosario teaches how you can get a jumpstart on allergy season, what you can do to lessen your histamine load, and tips to help with allergies at their...
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Anxiety and Genetics

Anxiety and Genetics Show Summary Today Dr. Rosario talks about anxiety and how it can be linked to some specific genetic variants, as well as what you can do to help support your system and minimize your anxiety...
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What the Heck is with That MTHFR?

Show Summary What is the MTHFR gene mutation, and why does it matter? In this episode Dr. Rosario answers these questions, discussing this mutation which affects an estimated 40% of the population in America. She...
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Winter Wellness

Winter is for Rejuvenation In this episode, Dr. Rosario talks about what you can do this winter to rejuvenate yourself and rest your mind, body, and soul. Winter is about sitting with the things that are most...
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