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The ripple begins with you feeling your best.

Our mission at Teach Them Well is to help you translate the messages from your body (symptoms) into finding the root causes of your health struggles so you can stop band-aiding and start living your life with vibrancy and impact. We do this by leading you through health explorations, delivered online throughout the year. These explorations will help you build a personalized health manual, as you discover how your body operates. You are unique and the care & keeping of YOU is unique as well.  By honoring you as an individual you can have a positive impact on your family & community. You can learn your way to wellness & when we teach YOU well, you can teach THEM well.

The ripple begins with you feeling your best.




Dr. Andrea founded Teach Them Well after 7 years of practicing functional medicine, helping patients regain their health after suffering with chronic and complicated illnesses that were simply being band-aided through traditional healthcare management. She began offering online courses as a means to bring in-depth health education to her patients and community. Specifically, her passion is teaching entire families about functional medicine principles, so the positive health outcomes can be generational. Dr. Andrea lives in Northern California with her husband, 3 children, and 2 fur-babies.

“Since I’ve suffered so greatly myself from a complicated and challenging chronic condition, it gives me so much joy to help people like you who refuse to give up when it comes to recapturing your health and vitality.”

~ Dr. Andrea Rosario


Christine is a Certified Life Coach with Coach Training Alliance and a

Certified Strategic Intervention Coach. She has 30 years experience helping people achieve success in their lives with her practical and heart-centered approach to coaching. As a coach, she specializes in relationships and wellness, which truly go hand and hand! She has been working with Dr. Rosario since 2013, as a Coach & Client Support Advocate, making an enormously positive impact on the outcomes of the patients they care for. Any health and wellness journey is made much stronger, easier, and fulfilling with Christine as a part your supporting team.

“You know the little girl in first grade who always runs up to the child who’s crying and puts her arm around their shoulders? That was me. I’ve been a caregiver and a coach my whole life!”

~ Christine Marie Jones


Debbie W.

“I am a completely new person today, and my family is so happy to have their mom, wife and daughter back. I cannot recommend Dr. Rosario highly enough!”



Julie J.

“I am so grateful for the fantastic support from Dr. Rosario and Christine throughout the entire program. They gave me a realistic plan that created a transformative change in my health through a holistic approach."

Amanda N.

“Dr. Rosario truly cares! I suffered from chronic pain caused by autoimmune diseases for years before finding her. She has taught me how to take an active role in my own health. My children and husband have watched my journey and been inspired to lead a healthier life themselves.”