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Eating Rhythmically For Improved Health

Did you know that eating rhythmically according to the calendar can improve your overall health?

Today on The Mother Nurture Podcast, Dr. Rosario talks about the benefits of eating this way and what you should eat (and when) to improve your health over time and feel your best all month long. Whether you’re still menstruating or have moved beyond that stage in life, eating in a rhythmic cycle can be beneficial.

Learn how menstrual and moon cycles align, which week of the month to eat lighter, fresh foods, and when to indulge in those heavier, comforting casseroles. With benefits like improved cell turnover and brain function, blood sugar stabilization, and better hormone processing, rhythmic eating allows you freedom with food. It reduces cravings and feelings of deprivation while serving your body well according to its needs helping it heal from the inside out.

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