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Autumn 2021 - Season in Review

I found long ago, that if I cut up my goals by the season that I'm in and I tap into the rhythm and the feeling of that season, then I'm far more efficient and far healthier. It's actually a very beautiful way to live that’s very gentle and keeps you from getting stuck in fight or flight. In this podcast, I take you inside my Nourished Rhythms Membership where I teach a seasonal lifestyle approach. This special podcast, is our first “Autumn Season in Review”. As we are wrap up autumn, the season of releasing and prepare for winter, the season of resting, I talk about what we did within Nourished Rhythms, together as a community, to promote our own health and wellbeing and what we released together. I also invite you to join us in the Nourished Rhythms Membership, where we excitedly await the spirit of winter to lay the foundation for living this lifestyle in the coming season of rest.

Click here to find out more about the Nourished Rhythms Membership.


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