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The Right Brain: A Brake Pedal for Optimal Health

The Right Brain: A Brake Pedal for Optimal Health

In this week’s episode, Dr. Rosario combines functional medicine and functional neurology to help you optimize your brain health. She walks through how our right brain health relates to things like anxiety, sleep struggles, autoimmunity, and impulse control, as well as how its function, or dysfunction, impacts our immune system, learning disabilities, and our response to stress. Dr. Rosario teaches how poor brain development during the first five years of life, and degradation over time due to advanced age, stress, and even lack of movement, can cause our right brain to function improperly. But there’s good news! We can do things to help exercise and strengthen our right brain, lessening symptoms of dysfunctionality in our daily lives. Hint: Your right brain loves new experiences and unpredictability.

To strengthen your right brain, download the Right Brain exercises PDF here.

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