The Nourished Rhythms Membership is....

a simple plan for burnt-out women who want to go from barely surviving the daily overwhelm & exhaustion, to thriving in their health and living a life they cherish, in a way that is 100% empowering and 0% overwhelming.

If you’re….

  • Feeling unwell, depleted, and stuck  

  • Unable to focus and accomplish your goals 

  • Feeling anxious and stressed out

  • Easily frustrated and irritable 

  • Lacking support and trusted guidance in improving your health & wellness

  • Looking to break through the feelings of overwhelm and find your peace, joy, and purpose again

    then I have something to share with you….

Nourished Rhythms Membership

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First of all, know this…. 

  • It’s not your fault. Nobody teaches us how to balance all the plates we spin, as well as take care of ourselves in the process.
  • You don’t have to feel this way. You just needed a clear path to improving your health & well-being. 
  • You’re not crazy. You've been experiencing all kinds of symptoms that seem unrelated, but are very definitely connected to a body hard-wired in deep survival mode.
  • It’s not hopeless. Life's daily chaos can turn into a harmonious dance that supports your health & happiness. Your brain & body can be reset for calm & vitality. 
  • You don’t have to do this all on your own. You can have guidance from a trusted doc/mom & a community of supportive, like-minded, lovely women with similar goals.

You are right here, reading this right now for a reason. You know that your life is meant for more than anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, and burn out.

The truth is that your body and mind have become stuck in the fight or flight mode, but there is a way out. I'll show you how inside the Nourished Rhythms Membership!

Nourished Rhythms Membership

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Nourished Rhythms Membership


  • Health-Focused Video Training w/ PDF Guide to build a strong foundation of wellness.
  • Mellow Brain Tool to heal & rewire your brain for calm.
  • Your "Next Best Step" Guidance to down-shift the chaos & harmonize your life.
  • Inclusion in the Nourished Community for support, fun, celebration, ideas, and understanding.
  • Seasonal Action Plan to evaluate your progress & set your intentions for healing 
  • Seasonal Mini-Retreat to celebrate presence and connection with natural rhythms
  • Seasonal Challenge to gain massive momentum in a short period of time. 

“Since I’ve suffered so greatly myself from a complicated and challenging chronic condition, it gives me so much joy to help people like you who refuse to give up when it comes to recapturing your health and vitality.”

~ Dr. Andrea Rosario DC, DACNB

Nourished Rhythms Membership

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Nourished Rhythms Membership

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If you continue on as you have been...

What will another 1, 2, 5, or 10 years of this compounding stress and overwhelm do to your body, mind, and spirit? Will you be IN LOVE with the life you're living? Will you have cherished the precious, fleeting moments of this chapter? Or, will you have been wasting precious time trying to DIY your health research and life harmony, at the expense of your peace and presence?

I don't want that for you. I know you don't either.


Instead, listen to your own intuition. Lean in and ask yourself if the following feels expansive to your soul...

I can follow a clear, gentle path that takes me from just surviving to fully thriving. I will be guided by a doctor and busy, working mom who understands my goals, doesn't judge, and helps me troubleshoot my challenges. I will be supported by a community of kind, authentic women who are aiming for the same things as I am- to live a peaceful, healthy, purpose-driven life that is EXCITING to wake up to every morning.

THIS is what I want for you. You can have that and more in Nourished Rhythms. Come on inside! It's comfy in here. 


Nourished Rhythms Membership

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Got Questions?

Nourished Rhythms Membership


  • Health Focused Video Training & PDF Guide
  • Brain Mellowing Tool
  • "Next Best Step" Guidance to Tame Life's Chaos
  • Community Support
  • Seasonal Action Plan
  • Seasonal Mini-Retreat
  • Seasonal Challenge

Meet Dr. Andrea Rosario DC, DACNB

I personally cannot wait to guide you inside the Nourished Rhythms Membership….

I understand what you’re going through.

My struggle with severe autoimmune thyroid disease started when I was 8 years old and couldn’t swallow because of the huge goiter in my throat.  

When I was in high school, I was tested for learning disabilities because I couldn’t focus and could barely read.  When I was in chiropractic school, I napped in my car between classes and gained 5 pounds every 2 weeks even though I was training for a marathon.

I don’t remember the first couple of years of my first child’s life because I was in such a brain fog.  When I opened my chiropractic practice, I was so sick I could hardly finish a sentence – not the way to make a good impression!  I finally got so sick I had to close my practice.

And nobody could seem to help me.  They slapped band-aids on my symptoms that never worked for very long.  No one could figure out what was going on with me.  I got so sick and tired of being shooed out one medical door after another and being treated like I was crazy.

I was desperate, discouraged, and about to give up. 

That’s when I decided it was up to me to figure it out and heal myself.  So I pursued training in various specialties – functional medicine, neuroendocrine immunology, functional neurology, and nutrigenomics.  I studied with people who were pioneers in their fields and on the cutting edge of health practices, such as my favorite mentor, Dr. Datis Kharrazian. I researched, I learned, I experimented, and I began connecting the dots.  Slowly but surely, I got better.

I started applying what I had learned during my own healing journey to helping others in my private practice at the Functional Longevity Institute. I asked myself, what did I need when I was trying to get better?  What had been most useful?  How did I wish I had been treated as a patient?  As a person?  I began to see a way I could help more women through the accessibility of my online courses and memberships. That is how the Nourished Rhythms Membership was born.

I’m so passionate about helping women heal their bodies, restore their health and recover their joy and peace!  I’m looking forward to getting to know you inside Nourished Rhythms.

Be Well,

Dr. Andrea Rosario DC, DACNB

Nourished Rhythms Membership

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